Dear Confidence

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 17:30 -- gharo3

Dear Confidence,


It has been a while since you have surfaced up and joined me. I would say I missed you, that I really need you. But you decide to back away in many important times of need, why?


I know you are somewhere in there, focus and hope have seen you. They have pushed and inspired you to be there in some occasions.

Yet, you continue to run away.


When you run, you rob me of my own beauty and worth, degrade my self-esteem and expression.

You make fear circulate my head and make my opinions and words feel less important.

Your lack of attendance makes doubt rise upon and take over. Doubt and low self-esteem push me to give away my own credit in any work. Always putting my name last.


Maybe I do need to go at the end, maybe I didn’t do enough to place my name higher than someone else’s.


Once again you left, just now! As I write and try to show what you have done you leave again!



Why do you flee?


No Matter how many times I ask of this, you will avoid these questions, right?

Just like you avoid confrontation. Or is it me who avoids you?


How can I make you stay?

How can we work together and better ourselves?

We have to figure out how to secure your place here with me

To finally make you my confidence


I hope you come back once again

And stay forever.



My best intentions


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