Dear Bully

We cannot even describe the way

We look at you every single day.


You, the tormentors, the ignorant, the sinners,

Yet also the popular, the loved, and the winners.

You, who smile at the sight of our pain,

You, who search for any attention to attain.

You look at us as a non human creature

Who needs no respect, for you are our teacher.

Although ignorance is bliss and that’s a plus

It’s incredible to think what you think of us


We, the losers, the divergent, the weak,

The outsiders, the nerds, the strange, the bleak.

The ones you push at, point, and laugh

The ones who don't matter; the lesser half.


Because our skin color or orientation,

You throw us into permanent damnation.


We are, to you, the most inferior

But you still have the stronger exterior


You hit, you kick, until our skin is blue

You call out names and snicker on cue.

Your friends all grin at what you’ve done

You prove your power and poke your fun.


But there are things that you don’t understand

Emotional pain hurts more than your hand

The words you say hurt more within

Than any punch on our wounded skin.


And at night, at home, alone in our beds

We think about these things you have said.


You know the day that was the worst of all?

When you realized it could go past the school hall.

From then on, the pain followed us everywhere

It could not be fought with, it was in the air.


On our phones and laptops galore,

The same words of hate came more and more.


The constant repetition of those names of hate

Took a toll on our unfortunate fate.

It sucked out and stole our own perception

Of ourselves, such self-deception.


We believed every word you said

And accepted, that maybe, we were better off dead.


Humans are more easily broken

More so than you think by these words you have spoken.


Our parents were wrong, they thought they knew

When they repeated the lie: “Words will never hurt you.”


Well, now, we can tell that this is not true,

Just look at this from our point of view.

We can break into pieces at a single word

We have no ability to erase what we've heard.

Around and around they spin in our brains

Until it fills all the blood in our veins.

Until all we want is for this blood to escape;

The words to ooze out; we want to reshape.

We cut, we cry, alone in pain.

Feeling better, and worse, with every scrape that we gain.

The words leave our bodies, yet the scars will stay

Just another memory of a torturous day.


But these scars must be surely hidden,

For doing such things is awfully forbidden.

The ones we love would not understand,

Why we do such things with our own two hands.


So we cover our bodies and blood-stained skin

And carry through life with a wide, fake grin.


We have learned many things throughout the years,

But the most important is to swallow your fears.

Smile at those your love everyday,

Hide your pain and secrets far, far away.

For their happiness matters more than yours,

And it's best to keep your problems behind closed doors.


Its an easy way to live and not get caught

When nobody would have ever thought

That people like us, so kind and smart

Would be so broken, shattered, torn apart.


We pray for a change, a new day to begin

One that's better, happier, not cut in our skin.

But as each day drags on, we start to lose hope.

We wonder how we can possibly cope.

But each day we awaken with powerful thought,

We start each day in a world that we’re not.


With a fake smile we get out of our beds

In a fake world that is full in our heads

One made only of fun and cheerful faces

Filled with love, hope, and warm embraces.

Hatred would not even exist

And all our scars would turn to mist.


But, of course, that can only last so long

Until we realize where we belong.


In a world that is made only of hate.

A world that people like you did create.


And sometimes this hits us and we start to deflate,

When we cry and scream at our horrible fate.


But underneath these painful cries

Look and you will, too, realize

Each person is their own separate self.

A different book on a different shelf.

You cannot compare or contrast us beings

Who grew up with different thoughts, surroundings, and feelings.

Stop your judging, your hating, your awful abusing

You have no idea how much you are bruising.


We have one question; let us revert.

Is your power truly worth our hurt?


If only you allowed to see us through

And got rid of what you thought you knew.


Different does not mean one’s less.

It simply shows the way we express

Our own unique culture, morals, and background.

Stop pretending that what you see and hear all around

Defines who were are. We are more than you thought.

And we are so sorry that is the way that you were taught.


We’ll start over if you do to,

For everyone deserves a chance to renew.

If we start out as equals, then maybe we can remain

For respect does not always have to be earned, but can easily be slain.


If we change our ways, I promise you

You will be happier than you ever knew

For knowing that you’ve changed someone’s life

Can make you feel better than power and strife.


It doesn’t always have to be us and you,

For we can merely combine the two.

Until we have just only us.

United, which is a powerful plus.


Together we can be what’s right

To help others and shine some light

On this already dark world that we must call home

A world we do not choose walk as we aimlessly roam.


Let’s face it together, for alone we’ll fall

Power is in numbers and the strength of all.

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