Dear Bully

you said i was too fat,

so stopped eating,

i wasnt hungry anyway,

you pushed me down today,

you said i deserved it,

i think so too,

you called me a slut in history,

i havent even kissed anyone,

i went home and cried for hours,

the next day you were different ,

you smiled at me and i smiled back,

then i opened my locker ,

your friends poured cow blood down my back,

i took 4 pills this morning ,

you still called me fat,

i took 3 more and skipped math,

my skin is pale and im dizzy but you didnt stop,

my dad was drunk today so he couldnt pick me up,

you followed me home,

i was scared so i ran across the bus stop,

so sudden the car couldnt stop,

1 or 21 pills it didnt matter that day,

all it took was one mistake for my heart to stop




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