Dear Black Man

Dear Black Man,
                    never let em tell you that you can't reach the stars when you were born to shine like one. Never let em tell you that you can't shine when the sun gave you light in dark times. I love what you bring to the table, your intellect is comprised in ink, my mind the paper. I can listen to conversations in which you give limitless expression. Hours on end you keep my attention with the charisma that is your ability to make me laugh. In awe at the way you can make a crowded room turn empty with silence. All eyes on you it's always been. Your swagger says what you don't even notice about you. It says lion, warrior, conquerer, undefeated, and so much more. The bravery displayed through those pretty brown eyes is what gets to me every time. I become lost, entagled in your journey from pain to peace. And don't get me started on that smile. It stretches from here to yonder, but I refuse to eye the corners, never wanting to see its dead end cause it only lets me see just enough. I'd rather witness its entirety. I know it has the ablility to be endless. Your roots have the potency to aide in the birthing of future generations to come. You are an army, vigorous despite scattered scopes threating to scalp you of your right to breathe. The fight in you is immortal as you keep one foot in front of the other, "no time to rest" is the mentality you adopted long ago. You'll always have something they don't, you'll always do something they won't. No wonder they're so afraid.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely, your black sister.


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