Dear Black Kids

Dear black kids, it is okay to feel. It is okay to show any emotion besides anger. However, with your circumstances I can see why anger might be the most prominent. Dear black kids, i'm sorry. You are shown by society that as a black girl in distress , you are extra and disrespectful. So imprison your demons within yourself, diary of a mad black woman. You are shown that as a black boy in distress, you are soft and unfit to be a man. So today I say you do not have to be a man because you are simply human. Dear black kids, I apologize, there is no such thing as therapy here. So they say take comfort in medicine or you know, drinking gin and I bet if you could smoke fear away you'd roll that motherfucker up. Well shit go ahead and inhale , you're already in hell , it seems like we failed you as a society and you know what, I agree so fuck it. Dear black kids, I am sorry that parents can't always be a go-to. As you try to release words clogged in your throat, the eyes of your protector shun you. There will forever be an everlasting funeral marching around your heart. Dear black kids, cry. No need for mother to tell you that she'll give you something to cry about because quite frankly, you have enough shit to cry about. Dear black kids, be free. Cry, scream, smile, do whatever you feel is needed to express yourself. You are not married to anger, you are not crazy, you are not disrespectful, you are not unfit to be a man, woman, or human. You are beautiful human beings and I love you. 

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My country


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