Dear Bambi,

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Dear Bambi,


You make my days

Even when you were with someone else

You made me happy

When you tease me

When you listen

When you make that little laugh of yours

When you are just there, sitting next to me

You erupt the butterflies in my stomach

You form the smile on my face 

But there are moments that I know, you didn't look at me like that....


I always compared myself to your beautiful girlfriends

I didn't care at the beginning

But happened

You took an interest in me


I don't know what caught your attention

Or if you even planned or plan on being with a relationship with me

But "we" happened

For some reason "we" have formed


I don't know if you're using me

I hope you aren't

I know you aren't that type of person

But I start thinking and thinking


They start with the best thoughts and memories

But they change into these terrible thoughts and scenarios

I hate it

I hate not knowing what "this",

You and I are.

What are we?

I need to know

Know because I don't want to be so broken in the end


I opened up to you 

I don't do that often

We have gone to a level of intimacy, that I have never gone with anyone else before

I trust you and I always will

But this, this situation that we are in, it's scaring me

To a point where I'm too scared to see what will be our next move

Or yours for that matter


I want us to be something, but I want you to confirm it

I don't want this to ba a one-sided relationship

I want US.

If there is going to be an us, and I very much hope so

I want us to be a team

An unbreakable one


Where we look into each other's eyes and know, know that we are ONE

And be able to see our feelings for one another

To have the connection that not many have

But if it's not meant to be, I will always and forever love you....


I love you.



Ashley Montenegro

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