Dear Baby Girl

 Baby Girl,

They will tell you that you shouldn't be too trusting,

That your blinding faith in people,

Your perpetual hope,

Your overflowing optimism,

Will lead to nothing except 

Crippling uncertainty,

Soul-shattering despair,

And unyielding anger,

A bitterness really,

That will keep you awake most nights.


Baby Girl,

They will tell you that there are going to be people

 Who let you down,

Leave you crying in the wake of their need to

Trip you,

Drag you down,

And bury you,

In a place that feels so cold,

So isolating,

And so terrifying.


Baby Girl,

I wish I could protect you from the cruel words they tell you.

I wish I could ease the fear that they instill in you once you understand their words.

I wish I could hold you up under the unceasing pressure to listen to them.

But they will tell you that they are just looking out for you,

They just want to help,

They really do care.

And you will follow everything that they say,

Let it change you,

Because you believe in them,

In people,

In life.


 Baby Girl,

Over time you will become jaded,


Full of denial.

People will come along,

And check your arms,

Just to make sure that you are still shackled to the same misery that they are.


Baby Girl,

This will hurt.

It will hurt you,

 More than anything you have ever experienced before.


But Baby Girl,

One day you will wake up,

No longer a baby,

Or a girl,

Now a woman,

And feel so tired,

Of the hurt,

Of the fear,

Of the mold you can't quite fit into anymore,

And you will start writing.

Writing stories,


This letter,

Hoping to find the key,

To release you from all of the chains you gathered throughout the years,

Trying to finally live the life you want to live,

The one you always hoped to have when you were just Baby Girl.


You just know this Baby Girl:


You will get through this,

You will find your happiness again,


And it will be beautiful.

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