Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

 Why do you make me think the things I think? Why must you torture me 24/7? Is it because I deserve it, for everything I have done? I'm tired of living my life in a constant state of "oh no, did I do something wrong?" Why can't I make you go away? I'm not always hating you though, because, you make me think about decisions, sometimes to the point of me shutting down, but you make me think about the decisions that might hurt me. Like toxic relationships.  I have learned to live and love you on my good days, my bad days are a different story. I have drowned you out with vodka once, I won't let you win, I am now a warrior and you are nothing. I have learned to train like I fight and fight as I train, Every single day. Not many people could live my life because of you and I'm glad. Best Regards,Kattana Cox

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