Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,


You need to go

Take a trip to Moscow

I’ll cut you off the way Van Gogh

Cut off his ear


You’ll ruin my career

But I’ll hit your rear

Before I let that happen


You’ve been something I’m trapped in

But you kept laughin’

At my misery


Only one of use can celebrate victory

Only one of us can have liberty

Away from the other


“You don’t have anything.” said my mother

“Stop being such a kid!” said my father

But what about what i have to say?


You’re making my skies gray

Why are you this way?

Did nobody get to love you?


Making others feel blue

Is the only thing you knew

I know you’re not going anywhere

You’ve become attached to me

And I’d be lying if I hadn’t become attached to you too.

But we need to break up.

It’s time for the both of us to move on.

I don’t need you anymore.


I have everything else I could’ve ever asked for.

Now all I need is to have myself back

But you refrain me from seeing her

Give me the keys to the chains locked on her ankles

And the key to open the cage you trapped her in.

She has a lot to say

So why don’t you let her?


sincerely, her confidence


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