Dear Anxiety,

Dear Anxiety,


My heart races when you are near.

My hands become sweaty as you whisper in my ear.


A tingle up my spine.

You have always been mine.


You gaze into my eyes,

I am your prize.


I shiver when you enter the room.

You tell me it will be over soon.


You slap me across the cheek.

You are more rough this week.


You throw me down to the floor,

You told me you wouldn’t do this anymore.


I do not beg you to stop.

I do not cry out in pain.

I let you scream in my ears.

I let you spit in my face.

And I just wait.


Once you are done you leave through the back.

No one knows that I was attacked.


I wish when you would leave,

You would never come back.


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