Dear Angelique

Dear Angelique,



You’ve been on my mind for quite some time.

When we last spoke, I don’t recall.

I anticipate your presence,

but appear, it never does.

I hear your laugh in my dream,

an empty illusion t’is all.


Can you hear me?

Am I just another voice in your life,

or am I the friend that I once was?

Do they now hold that place,

the one that I used to hold in your heart?

Not a thing can take your place in mine.


This isolation I feel is purposeful,

brought about by your act.

You never wanted me,

but, God, did I want you.  

Caught at this crossroad,

I must confront reality.

Must I follow this desire,

dwell in anger?

Or among my options,

may I leave in wisdom?


My mind and heart numb,

you were all that I perceived.

But darling, you don’t feel the same,

so stung, I’ve no choice.

I've got to move on.

Remember me, old friend,

not as the ghost that fades,

but as a timeless relic to be called upon again.

I know you’ll last in my mind,

in a place that remains.

One that sits in the back,

called upon seldom.

I will go on, and you will too,

perhaps more turbulently than you.

I'll never know what you harbored for me,

because you're already fading.


Be strong, be wise,

win at life.

Be a wolf, not a sheep.

Conquer yourself before others.

Focus on your own goals,

and leave nothing behind.

I pray that you’re happy and blessed.

Goodbye, my dearest friend.



Sincerely yours,






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