Deaf Poem

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 09:34 -- shabeyj

I am the voice for every deaf child in the nation who has to walk


around school with an interpreter because having a deaf child


in a hearing school is so taboo that we turn back into the same


racist community where black is deaf and white is hearing. Cause


learning to sign a few fuking words takes away from the emotion


behind the terms .


But when you're passionate the words portray the emotion but


not in body language and to the deaf emotion is easily portrayed


cause what others have to say causes anger portrayed by perfectly


rapid signs with a consistent scowl in disgust.


You're presence disgust me and I'm not even deaf. If we only took


the time to listen to the beauty when a deaf person speaks... I


know when i say speak you think of letters forming words for you


to hear, but its not in the articulation of the words but in the


manifestation of the words that you’re saying. I wish these words


i'm saying would hit you deep, so that you mind wasn’t ignorantly


concrete so that you don't see the world in black and white.


I am Danica , a young deaf girl that was banned from signing on


her school bus. Cause A few Hearing kids are able to complain


that a deaf child was communicating the only way they know how.


Cause since when did communication interfere with anyone. From


what I was taught communication helped stop segregation, even



See cause we only think of our needs and neglect the fact that


there are people out there that are extraordinary. Like how the


blind need Braille ; how a stoner needs weed; geeks needs the


quantum theory ; and like how I need you to understand that the


deaf need sign language .



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