Deaf but Not Dumb

Those voices I hear in the hallways,

Somehow always used to torment me.

Cruel words escaped their lips.

Poison vowels and sounds,

Yet I was taught they were good.

I was born this way...

No hearing, a device to help me understand.

Why don't they love me?

Was it something I said?

I'd cry constantly at daggers,

Sharp double edged swords threatening me.

Threatening my livelihood,

My chances of success slipping away.

Thought I'd have it easy, didn't know at all.

Wanted it to end but I held my head high.

Realized my value, my worth...

I had it all along but it was out of view.

All those words were what they sound like.

I won't allow it, they have no hold over me.

Just breathe, you have to be free.

Time and passion and everything in between.

The clock ticks, look at the waasted time.

Lost track but now it's all fine.

Can't believe I just now realized,

They stole my soul, my heart, my mind.

Can't believe I let them commit that crime.

Growing up is what I do.

My life and passion is all renewed.

Back then, I had not a clue.

Going to college, after all I've been through.

Aviation is my passion and my soul,

It helped mend the hurt, made me whole.

Almost forgot bullying was a problem at school.

I can't believe I survived it.

I managed to turn around, look at my heart and revive it.

I don't remember the last time I was this excited.

Now everything is all in my past.

I now smile every time I head to class.

Forgiven everyone for being so crass. 

I grew up, I didn't need to glow up.

My mind matured, didn't you know that?

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