dead man walking


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

although i'm alive and well, would this be my last day
at least i know , i made it past may
i walk outside wondering would bullets fly faster than the man of steel
i go to the gym thinking will a fight break out over who will get to use weights first
if thats the case, you are seriously quenching for some serious thirst
i take the subway watching a thief pick pocketing somebody with their backs turn so i ask am i the next one on the list
if so, i'll prepare myself with a punch in the face with my fist
i witness two best friends end their friendships due to jealousy
those same two friends are now worst enemies-i don't hold no grudges
i weathered that storm darker than chocolate fudges
will i be next like the wrestler Goldberg who intimidate his opponents
or will i navigate my way to greatness where i radically break down all sorts to basic components
i live my life each day as if it was my last
all the dirt i've done, i left it in my past
i will always be a target
but i will not be the victim

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