Dead End Road


My mind is blurry as I'm running from the words life, faith, trust , beauty and truth

My heart pounds as life crowds me with its trials and tribulations

I'm sweating as beauty throws compliments towards my way

My breathing grows heavy as I cringe at the thought of bearing my soul to the world and finding credibility in that every aspect of my life will accompany trust and become friends with my mind

My temperature's rising as faith welcomes my flaws with open arms, speaking of the miracles it has witnessed, done, and foresees for everyone, "Just keep believing in me", Faith says

Truth is speaking bluntly showing the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful truths before my eyes, I ran away from these five principles, now I'm crashing on this path, so I'm picking this mic up to show my path on this dead end road before it becomes too late for me to change and everything will stay the same


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