DaZed & ConfuseD

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 15:00 -- ecarrer

Dazed and confused
It's hazed in the room like drinks perfume and weed inhaling the fumes
Like a couple dumb teenagers with nothing better to do
There's puke over there and spilled drinks over here
A boy in the corner not knowing what to do
The couples here and there fucking, fucking fighting making out too
"The cops are outside" "what should we do"
So they turn down the music and hid all the booze
They chilled and relaxed waited a minute or two
But the cops disappear and so does the calm
The raging continues with no pause at all
But the boy in the corner still watches the fun he watches his friends 7shots 8shots done
He watches as they chase after each other like mindless buffoons
As the say there porcine prayers with beats with the tunes
But the boy in the corner still stands there in wait
For something to happen before it’s too late
The party continues and the smoke is too thick
Somebody yells "SHOTSSSSSS" everybody runs quick
The boy comes out from the corner alone
He takes shots after shot and soon is a clone
Someone passes a blunt to this boy from the corner
He deeply inhales as he takes off to the moon
His motions become perfect and everything  trips
Who is boy from the corner?
Is he just one of them?
A replica of what they have become
Wearing glasses to hide the shame drinking from the bottle to just get away
Is he a rebel for the choices he made?
Is he wrong for being young? Is he learning by trade?
But after a while this habit did hurt
It left him alone again on the dirt
But the boy in the corner is alone either way being in the corner or in every which way
So who is he now this drunken stoned bastard
Does he belong?

Should he leave turn around run… faster… faster

Should he again get tipsy or trippy and fall to the ground

Because nobody loves him but he wants to be found
He wants to be loved just like you
He's trying to be happy

But all he his is betrayed and abused
He wanted out of the dark lone some corner

done of being dazed and confused                                 

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No idea what this is from, or if it is from something, but it is amazing none the less! Keep writting.


Thank you :)


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