Wake up.

Eyes hands legs, skin

Feeling breathing absorbing and being.

Dead eyes but they see, heavy heart but it beats,

Fluttering slowly, filling with feeling, this is day.


Eyes hands legs, skin

Smiling laughing watching and speaking,

Closed mouth, closed hands trapped

With open eyes and an open mind.


Eyes hands legs, skin

Being but more so being.

Slow travel with slow homes

This is day.


Eyes hands legs, skin

Blurred vision suffocation, a straightjacket

Or a key to a comforting darkness

Is this day?


Eyes hands legs, skin

Burning, cooling, breathing,

Are you there? Are you with them?

Where are you?

Where are you?


It's day here

Where vision is blurred,

Eyes hands legs, skin

They burn but do not feel.

Day is meaningless, timeless


Where are you?

Our closed mouths talk.

No more sound,

No more day.

Wake up.



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