That Day Will Come


United States
28° 47' 50.8812" N, 100° 12' 54.5688" W

That day will come someday
Not sure of the time or date.
Memories come back of that Sunday,
And my beating heart slows down its rate.

As the days go by they feel like winter.
Leaving me with only hope of light,
The only thing that can free me from these colors of tinter.
And believe me when I say I'm trying with all my might

But forgetting you is something so hard to do.
It's like drops of water trying to break a stone
With time, drops will prevail for I will not turn blue.
That day will take its time, and the arrival of it like death is not known.

Sitting here with tired eye I'll wait,
For those three words I will never hear.
And I know that it's all to late
But I don't want to let go of you my dear.


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