The day i met you

The day i met you i will not forget that day it was amazing i remember it like it was yesterday i remember it went like this: I was shock when i sail you your eye's were glowing into mine i keep staring not realizing it i sail your heart your beutiful smile your eye's had sparkle's in them the way how your hair was like seeing a sunset you would see from a love story or in real life and like a rainbow i remember how we both first talked it wasnt the happiest or probably romantic im not sure but i remember seeing though's bully's around you i ran in front of you holding pinned so they wouldn't be able to get you as i took the hit's i smiled at you and ask if your okay you nodded and then looked at me beat up when you frown i frown when you laugh i laugh when you smiled i smiled for you i always was like a body guard kinda around you i couldnt stand seeing you hurt or cry that's why i always comforted you and if you were still here and if i could still say how i feel about you it would go like this: Your a angle amazing angle just the way you are you don't have to put on that makeup or change your apparinced you can stay the way you are and i would always be there the best way i can for you are perfect the way you are your more then i can describe your the love that i always known but i never had the right word's to say it and i still dont but if i could tell you how i feel what i want to say it always come's out wrong i hidden frown at that but never shown you so you could smile your smile light's up the whole world and room and if i could tell you how i feel it would go like this: 

when i was fifteen moved out my parent's house

i met a good girl when school was out and i was to scared to tell her how 

i felt 

When we moved out out parent's house we went to

Diffent school's in diffrent towns

 and is it to late to tell you?

But if i could tell you the way your eye's glow the heart beat's i see the angle's i see they alll look like

they all look like you they try to be like you but they aren't the same like you your the same sweet angle i see and i always will see in my eye's and heart your more sweet then a rose or any flower field or any kind of flower when i see you my heart skips a beat beat beat it goes more faster then i realize i felt like any moment my heart would have a heart attack but i know your the princess the queen of love more then a goddes in my eye's more important then this would deserve's cause your the light the god's the love the nature everything in this world that's right while i always will always will love in my heart more then anyone know's i wish i could have the right word's to say how important you are this is just half of the world's i have for you angle i love you more then i can say right now

This poem is about: 
Our world


Emma maye

This was for my crush but sadly we moved away from each other i know she doesn't follow me on anything heck she probably forgot me heh oh well i still feel the same as i always did for her!

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