Day 3

My heart is still breaking and I haven't stopped thinking of you since.
This apple sends down my spine and puts goosebumps on my skin,
but not like you can.
I'm trying to cope.
I take selfies in new underwear, I leave my hair down, I take scalding showers, I'm not biting my nails anymore, I make brownies but you don't like chocolate and 
at the end of the day I still feel the heaviness of your presence 
as if you were draped across my own body 
breathing tangled sighs into my neck.
The sofa we fucked on is still in the living room
the bottle of body wash you used to rub me down still sits in the shower 
I'm still wearing your flannel shirt .
Relics of you: holy - look at, can't touch.
You've given me no reason to hate you so I'm
stuck loving you, stuck hating loving you, stuck here.


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