To this Day


To this Day I remember,
All the things they said to me.
The ones that hurt me there,
Where it hurts internally.

The words one says are impulsive,
Cutting through the air.
Until those words reach the heart,
Where it can no longer withstand.

To this Day I remember,
Staying awake at night.
Thinking about humanity,
About how its falling apart.

People saying crude words,
Swearing in your name.
Damning you to hell,
Wishing cancer on your brain.

To this day I remember,
Feeling there joy in my suffer.
Not knowing the damage they caused,
Because there to blind to see beyond.

"If you dont like me dont speak to me.",
why couldnt they understand.
The words just kept coming,
no one lent a hand.

To this day i remember,
Staying quiet in class.
Being the loner in the corner,
Avoiding all the trash.

This is what i have to say,
To all those who hurt me.
"I believe theres still good,
Deep inside your body.".

To this day i remember,
Thinking about what it was like.
Doing wrong to the ones who did nothing to you,
A nasty cruel life.

Now i forgive you all,
For doing what you did.
But i wont forget the words,
That cut me deep within.
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