Daughter You Never Wanted


United States
29° 25' 2.982" N, 98° 31' 21.6156" W

I could erase that lonely feeling 

Of you leaving me that day

I could take all of the pictures

Of you and me out of my photo album

And throw them all away 

But no matter what I do

I can;t seem to shake 

All of the memories of you

Out of my head


I wake up in the middle of the night

Wondering why you left me 

Wasn't I good enough for you?

I could've given you everything

You needed from me, to make it through

I could've prooved you wrong 

And showed you I was different 

I may be a girl, but we still shared the same world

Until You disappeared one night

Without saying one goodbye 

And yeah I know you never wanted me 

I still wish you could've seen 

What a great daughter I could've been

If you only stuck aorund

All I'll ever know now 

Is I'll always be

The daughter you never wanted. 


You abandoned me just when 

I needed you the most 

I knew our life was difficult 

But I guess a part me still hoped 

that through our rough times

You would've stuck around 

And I wouldn't have been left

IN the shadows wanting to be found 

I could've been the daughter

You were proud of

But you didn't stick around 

To find out.


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