Daughter in the Storm

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 13:54 -- emohrr


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33° 52' 48.8712" N, 117° 51' 37.6092" W
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United States
33° 52' 48.8712" N, 117° 51' 37.6092" W

Breathing, thinking, listening
As I lie in bed awake
Worrying and waiting
There's a fear I cannot shake

Finally I hear
Gauche footsteps through the door
Over stumbles through the kitchen
My name is said without l'amour

However not correctly,
They do not know I'm here
I'm listening to all their movements
And their words that sound unclear

Questions are not asked
And nothing else is said
Please say something more about me
Wonder if I'm dead

Sure, leave the door unlocked
In case I may come back
However, I'm already in my room
Above the parents that I lack

I could be in a ditch somewhere
Or be taken by a man
Would you even know tonight?
No, I see more drinking has began

All I want is a phone call
Or a text reading "where are you?"
Checking my room would suffice
But none of these you do

Once you make it up the stairs
I heave onto my side
Tears begin to wet my pillow
Once again you've made me cry

Please think about me when you're dreaming
I don't care what shape or form
All I want is for you to care
About your daughter in the storm

If I speak of this after sunrise
Deny, deny, deny
Once again I am shot down
Cry, cry, cry

Tomorrow is a new day
But at the same time it is not
The same darkness creeps upon me
Without a second thought


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