Darkness to Flight

Darkness fills the world around me, trapping me within its confined space that seems never ending. 

It tightens itself around me, putting pressure on my chest and compressing down until I feel my lungs on the brim of a burst. 

While I am so caught up in this horrible dream, no, a nightmare; I cannot see from the outside how small it really is.

From my perspective and many of those with a similar gaze of this imprisonment it is a never ending corner that I continually back myself into and it is now I realize that I cannot remember why. 

I cannot recall the reason I've scared myself into this terrible place, or why I still remain here.

Why is it I am alone? Or why does it feel I am? 

I take a slow, shaky breath as if for the first time I feel I can actually breathe again. So long ago, it was, that I felt such a cool, soothing breath fill my lings and relieve them of this burning pain.

How I have taken for granted that breath before now eases the pain--filling the dry cracks within. 

I look around this darkness, no definite shape or figure; no sound anymore as it is just my own thoughts echoing to a sudden halt.

I look around now, nothing holding me back, nothing holding me down. 

I look around now, and upon the first step forward I can see a crack appear; light seeping through that once never ending darkness. 

And as I walk forward now, it crumbles to the ground I've been walking on all along. Slowly that darkness shrinks and disappears, the only thing remaining is a small speck on my bedroom floor. 

And it was then I realized the only thing I've been taking for granted...is myself. 

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Our world


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