Darkness before Dawn


It feels as if its dark like a cave

So alone no one can even feel my pain

I know its been a year since you've been away

But its a feeling that will never escape

Friends and parents stand by my side

As I watch each day pass me bye

Its my love Andy

Its so hard to forget


I'm a senior now and life goes on

But this was only a lesson to help me move along

But how I see someone,

Love or not I don't know

Here it goes starting back over

I hate to say its a good feeling like when you find a four-leaf clover

Could it be, will it be

Or is it just an imagination of you and me


Now I see a good friend of mine

Who I don't even recognize

Its because of Johnathan

I'm not seeing pass his eyes

I'm being blinded by something I can't see

Because in the end its gonna' hurt me


Now its true the darkness has cave in

Don't know if I'll be able to see light again

Who knows whats next

My mind, my body, my soul is all exposed

I feel so dirty and unlike myself

All because of some selfish man

At least what I thought was a man

Can't always go by looks, its one of the worst rules in the books


I feel like I've been hit by a car

Ran over and over again

I don't even know where to begin

I guess I'll start back at one again

Who can I trust?

Who can I love?

When everything felt has been done


Back into the dawn I go

Its finally that time to graduate

It feels so good

With all the misery and pain

I hope everything can go away

But now I gain the dawn back and this is not the last I say







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