I'm All Alone
Lost and alone, in a battle i can not win.
Fighting the darkness inside.
Trying to keep it under control.
Sanity slipping fast, reaching out for a hand to grab.
Gasping for air, as I realize there's no one there.
A whisper in the dark, Someone's calling to me.
A blind touch, A hand in the night.

I'm Not Alone
A flash in the distance, Someone's pulling me out of my nightmare.
A smiling face, A warm heart, Hope and love fell me up.
breathing fresh air, as I realize you were always there.
A hand to hold, I belong with you.
A love to feel. Light consumes my heart.
You whisper in my ear, I'll always be right here.

By: Bobbie S.D. Atkins
Dedicated to: Royce A. Booth
Sunday, july 24,2016
3:15 A.M


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