Darkness and Doubt Within Our Dreams (for those who don't always know where to go)

Everything starts off fine

What you know in a straight line

Stretching as far as the eye can see

Things will end how you want them to be

Suddenly the darkness creeps in

And you’re no longer comfortable in your own skin

You run away and you hide

Keeping everything you feel locked inside

Let nothing show

Don’t let them know

That you’re afraid, that you’re scared

That you feel completely unprepared

For what life gives, for what it throws

You’re in a place where nothing grows

No light, no love

Everything you want too far above

For you to grab, for you to grasp

It leaves you breathless and makes you gasp

For the air you want, the air you need

But in this despair there’s something to read

It’s a lesson life gives

It’s a lesson that lives

Within every soul, within every heart

We’re not really that far apart

I’m like you and you’re like me

This isn’t how it will always be

The light will shine in

I promise we will win

Just hold on, hang on tight

Everything will be alright

Yes, things are rough

Yes, it’s a little bit tough

But we can still smile

Still laugh for awhile

We’ll be strong

Prove the darkness wrong

We’re just fine, we’re okay

And no matter what, our dreams are here to stay


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