Dark Room

The chaos in my mind, 

You’re looking for what you may never find.  

You want to see the hurt and pain? 

Be careful opening the door of chaos it is hard to stay sane. 

Don’t get too close the darkness will pull you in, 

Yeah, the room will start to spin. 

I covered it with a smile and a laugh, 

It’s okay you couldn’t even make it through the first half. 

I don’t expect you to be able to handle the darkness I saw, 

A strong mind kept me standing tall. 

It is something the weak cannot hear, 

It’s not their fault merely fear. 

Fear of what I am capable of, 

Knowing I made it through the darkness and still landed above. 

Above the grave they said would be my fate, 

Above all of their hate. 

Don’t stand too close,  

How I made it out God only knows. 

             -Danielle Martinez 



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