Dark Memories


Dark Memories


The pains that hurt so much

that comes over me

every time I start to think about you,

it’s not that I love you,


that could never be true

you see, it’s just knowing you

was one in my life,


even though I never wanted you to,

just the thoughts are bad enough

but those old memories

keeps eating away on my mind

day and night,


Oh, how it makes me cry

you hunt me in my sleep

you give me bad dreams

you make me scream

you are so mean to me,


you are killing my spirit slowly

I stand up boldly to you;

it hurts to never move past you

it’s like I'm reliving this nightmare

over and over in my mind,


this is making me sick

most of the time

I can still feel you near me

your eyes are always on me,


No matter all those years that past

you still have your ways of coming back

I remember you every word,

Oh, how they still make me hurt,


your cold touch I can still feel

that makes me so ill,

when I awake suddenly you are gone

in a cloud of dust.

Of old darken memories.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1987


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