Dark halls


United States
39° 34' 0.6168" N, 76° 18' 20.9988" W
United States
39° 34' 0.6168" N, 76° 18' 20.9988" W
Past the thresh hold
You would never believe the terrors in the walls of the institution 
The terrors of exclusion, and confusion in a potion 
My priorities in a gyre I lost all of my devotion
I believed that I was different
I believed that I was the drop of rain that could possibly make the change
But I was met with scrutiny and a plethora  of pain
Listen while the wheels helplessly turn in the craniums of future corporate superheroes pertaining to our kryptonite 
This  five day failure
Instructors blow the flame on the inside that burns and leaves us filled with fumes of smoke no longer lusting for learning 
Day by day enduring test that will contribute to our rest
Students will be able to hope and pray that they are blessed
With a sprinkle of common sense 
And commandeer these bombs that blow up in the faces of bobs who believe that blacks can't do better than
A 9 to 5 and 4 kids 
Because we mask our heritage with true religion and Tuscan leather
And when confronted by our elders we shrug it off with profanity when translated means whatever
But I'm the distinction between great greater and best
I am the thinker that thought what would happen if I use that organ that resides in my chest
I will shake this world for better and I won't accept anything less
Past the Threshold 
of the school doors 


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