The Dark



I used to be afraid of the dark,

I still am in a way,

To not know what's out there?

To wonder every day?

I am afraid of the unknown,

But what used to help me is,

In order for darkness to exist, 

There must be light.

So no matter how much darkness there is,

It will be okay,

In the morning those fears will be gone,

You’ll be able to laugh about how you were scared of a chair or a cat.

I used to be afraid of the dark, 

And then one day i wasn’t, 

Or rather, not as much as i used to.

You see, i don’t believe that one can be fearless,

Only control that fear,

I have learned to do that,

So even when I feel that familiar electric shock, 

I tell myself that I am brave and stronger than the monsters, 

That am the one who made them, 

And now they are my friends.

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