If this is love
Let it rust
If it's lust
Let it get lost
If I gave my trust
And you wanna steal my pride with a bitter sweet thrust
Consume me, bore into my life like a locust
Then let your plans rust

How cheap, you need love for One Crunches pie crust
Dear Visitor, I can't get deceived you know this isn't August
Your moves are innocent yet it disgusts
Cos truly you're a pervert, your intentions are unjust
Where did you sell your conscience, won't you ever readjust?

I'm tired of holding back love, it hurts
But into your hands, I "sway" I'll never entrust
Get lost, get lost, go, just get lost
Go to "Flour Mill" or go to "Luggard"
I pray your karma catches you and they make you an holocaust
take you to hell, where you ought to rot
Cos I hate you, you're a mistake I must oust
Mama already made you and me, I must not
Cos I'm not a bitch, not one you can degust
And Afflictions must not arise a second time
Bye. (Locks door)


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