Dandelions Don't Grant Wishes

Your aspirations hang onto me like wishes

Swelling the stalks of dandelions

They are carrying themselves on the hope

That silver frosted florets can make it to life


You offered up your dreams

Under false pretense that I could grant them

I apologize for making you believe

 That they belonged to me

My fears make me unworthy of your future


Were you fooled by my misconceiving appearance?

Did I radiate from below the concrete with confidence?

I wished the universe would have told you

That beauty is not always honest

It can be filled with disappointment


I was swaying in a field of daisies

Fooling myself, never conscious at the fact

That me and them were different

That they stood constant

While I swelled into a thousand wishes

While they stood living

I was ripped from the roots

And introduced to selfishness

Of someone who picked nature before

She was ready to be a mother


Now I have a decision

To let your craving for breathing

And the want to sway in the breeze

Engulfed in a field of daisies

Sprout into existence

Or leave your wishes falling into the air

Leave you holding your breathe,

Suffocating that mommy will not let you down


I wonder who told children that dandelions grant wishes?

Who lied and said close your eyes and all your dreams

Will appear before you

Just leave your life in its hands


Who lied?

And told you

Your mother will be beautiful

Beauty is not as brave as it seems

My darling, I  am a weed


I am sorry

I hope next time you pick a rose

Because its thorns will be expected

You will have no false expectations

And it will never be the enemy

And it will always beautiful

And it will not disappointment you

And it will love you



It will love you



It will love you into existence





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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