Dancing Through Inspirations

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 19:45 -- 1725314

Dancing Through Inspirations 

By: Desiree Harris



The seed started out sliding my feet to Micheal Jackson

Even though I couldn’t get it, I still would always practice 

Then I went to Chris Brown, with the same inspiration

After seeing Michael’s funeral on the tv station 

So that’s when I discovered dance, most important, the art 

I appreciate those two, it kept me from the dark 

And when I say the dark, I don’t mean hiding from the light 

Cause I promise I’ll be up dancing when parents said goodnight 

I don’t just dance physically, but in my head too

When the music gets to bumping, I create the moves

People were looking at me crazy, like “why she keeps on moving?”  

Then insecurity rises up, “Should I stop?”, “ What am I doing?”

But I paint a picture, Im not into the scribble scrabbles 

Who is criticism, don’t judge, can’t recognize the babble

Dance, who I love so much, and still, to this day 

Adults just tell me to sit down, but I just disobey 

This message is for you, to really do what you really love 

And if you ever get discouraged, keep your eyes above 

Don’t you ever let the word “can’t” be even in a sentence

Let that plaintiff come out of pocket, just be the defendant 

So let the inspiration guide you through something called life 

And don’t let no one else live it just to tell you what’s right, Right?


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