A Dancer’s Relationship

Dancing through life.
Always on the look for the one with the steps to match mine.
I thought I had found her.
We met, and nothing was the same.
She taught me new moves in the rain and it was beautiful.
We laughed and we cried.
The dance was beautiful.
But I stepped on her toes and she was looking somewhere else.
We were only meant to be for a while.
In the end I had to say goodbye.
I don't think I can forget her.
Was she my partner? Maybe we will meet again and dance.
With her I saw the steps, moves and patterns we would take. The jump and rhythm sang of familiarity. But for now it was not meant to be.

Something isn't beautiful because it lasts.

So I will continue my dance. Step by step through life, till I find her again or meet someone with the steps to match mine.
The one who dances to the song I thought only I could hear.

Whose movements as we bow closer together never entangle with mine. But enrapture onlookers with its speed and complexity.
It's trust, daring, acceptance.
That is what my relationship will be.

And hopefully when the song that we can hear so clearly comes to a close.
We will be laid side by side.

Because the beauty of it, was that it ended

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