The Dance

One simple day
When the lighting is just right
And I can't contain my smiles,
We'll twirl and spin and touch
Like nothing can go wrong

I'll hold your hand,
My only anchor to this world
And give in to these feelings
That have sprung up in me
For you
The moon will be our friend,
And the sun will hang back
For a little extra time
Time to spend, with you

Both our hearts are hopeful,
And were not sure we'll get it right
But we'd rather try and fail,
Than let go of these rare happy moments

It's about taking risks
About searching for that perfect piece
That you couldn't do without
And here in your arms,
Am I thinking too deeply?
Could it be you?
Maybe it's just the magic these warm nights have woven,
But I'd love for it to be real
Even if it's just in my mind


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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