Tue, 02/19/2019 - 21:12 -- Dimmer

It was said not long ago
I believed it once...twice
For I thought that was all true
But now,where are you?

I'm now left in vain
Grasping,empty and broken
All or nothing,that was the game
A game I was fooled and was in.

I never thought this time would come
For it was a perfect plan and almost done
My eyes were veiled then blinded
With the sweet nothings,the spell you casted

I now become the person I hated the most
Trying hard to move but still lost
I am now in so much pain buried deep within
But still longing to see and touch your face once again

How dare you not to know
That I'll suffer and so low wihtou you
Your sweet scent still lingers everywhere
And its like a poison that kills a flower

You gave it to me and i took it seriously
That was a mistake but it was just me
You were in total control
And here I am,still a fool

A chance is all i need
Be it done and I'll leave
Give me back my self
Its getting harder to breath

I cant see
I cant speak
I cant think
But please help,i want to live

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