daddy's lil girl


“Miss, may I show you to your suite”

“Miss, allow me to open the door for you”

“Miss, ...”

“Miss, ...”

“Miss, ...”


I live a life of luxury

Caviar, fine dining, designer clothing

I am daddy’s little princess

Daddy’s lil girl


I’ve never lifted a finger

Never known the meaning of “work”

Never touched a dirty dish 

except to push it away 

after I’m finished eating




My arms are aching

The smell of floor cleaner 

is intoxicating

flooding my nose with the scent of

half nail polish remover, half bleach

Swiping the floor with the heavy mop

The mop strings dancing on the floor 

to the tune of my sore arms


A humbling experience

I watch the shoppers at the fine luxury shop

peering at the fine jewelry

oblivious to my plight


Daddy’s lil girl is not sitting on her throne 

Daddy’s lil girl is wearing servant’s garb


I will finish the task at hand

Swabbing up the muddy footprints on the ground

Running that mop with all my might on the soiled ground

Success: the floor is pristine white!


Shoppers push past me

stomping on the floor with their muddy boots

I start all over again

I start all over again



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