Daddy Listen


Don't say a word

Listen to me now

Daddy listen

it's my turn now.

Daddy Listen I miss you 

Why did you leave?

Was it mommy?

Or was it me?

Father's Day is the day I'm reminded

that you walked away

To me it's just another day.

Daddy Listen as woman

I don't know how a man should treat me.

I ask myself questions like 

Is it still love if he cheats on me?

Is it still love if he rapes me?

Is it still love if beats me?

I wouldn't know you left me.

Daddy understand I never

wanted you to leave.

What could I have done 

What could I have said

To have made you left.

Daddy listen to the tears that

Fall from face every night

When you are not in my sight.

Listen to how mommy yells at me 

Everyday because I remind her of the day

You walked away.

Daddy listen to what I have to say

I need you

I miss you 

I love you 

Please Daddy Listen.

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