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Daddy, help me understand why you left me
praying everynight for you to come home
every christmas present
every birthday wish was for you to come home
you visit once maybe twice a year
but you were never there

Daddy Help me !
you've missed my childhood
you've missed me
you've missed me transend from girl to young woman

Daddy why me
why must i feel like my world is falling beneath my feet?
why must i love and hate you at the same time?
all the pain and lies are still there
you make false promises and tell me you'll try

I trust you
I trusted you
you lied but i trusted you
Daddy I love you
Daddy I miss you
Daddy Help Me !

Baby Girl I'm here
I've always been here
I'm sorry I made you cry
The promises weren't false
They were just undone
I know you're upset
But you're still my little girl
My first born
you were younng and naive
you would've never understood the things that had to happen
So just stay my little girl

Daddy I am no longer the cherry blossom waiting to bloom
I have blossomed and had my season
And have began to start a new season called womanhood
when you look at me no longer see
the wild haired
cut up knee
mudd on her hands
7 year old girl
Child is not wat i am
It is what I used to be
Infant I can never go back to
and Toddler i can no longer be
Almost passing up teen
I am your young woman
So daddy help me
I don't know what's right for me
But you won't let me try
Telling me I can't live my life until I'm 30
by 30, I'll be married with kids
So who are you to tell me I can't live my life

I am your dad
false promise
missing my first born grow
missing the years she has needed me there
I am sorry
there is nothing I can do but watch
Watch as I see my little
mudd on her hands
cut up knee
wild haired girl become a woman
I can only watch her grow into her womanly figure
Watch as she goes from boyfriend to boyfriend not know the pathe she must go
I can only watch as she gets feed up with life
and let this ignorant do nothing less of a man take her innocence
and make a "babymama"

Daddy I have more sense of pride than you know
I want to be married
I want my child to have a proper home
No confusion
No hurt
No little white lies
No false promises
Just love
Innocence and pure

I am your father
I have loved you since you were innocent and pure
Love is what started and love is the end
But I have lost my way
A child raising a child was too much
Responbility knocking
Hearts racing
And you
My first born baby girl
My duka
My joy
I love you even though at times it may not show
And I am sorry I've missed you grow into you

Daddy I know you love me
I'm just hurt at how you just left
With no goodbye or I'll see you soon
You're losing your daughter
Can't things be the way they were
When mommie loved daddy
And daddy loved mommie
And they both loved their children
Can't you except that I am a young woman
No longer your mudd on her hands
cut up knee
wild haired
Seven year old girl



WOW!!!! no other words



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