2 daddy your my superhero 
3 daddy mommy said i am not aloud to let peeople touch me there
4 momy where is daddy
5 at 5 i was already lying too a therapist about my feelings afraid they would be mad 
6 no more therapist no one even says the d word it forbid ion like a cuss word no one dares to speak
7 i join girl soouts the have a father duaghter dance next year what do i do 
8 i take grandpa because i dont have a dad
9kids at school are maaking fun i dont have a daady 
10 i move town no one will talk to me 
11 im bullied becuse i am fat i cant help thaat dad there is now 2 things i hate that i got from you my history and now my genes 
12 i trust a girl  in my english class i tell her about you 2 days later the whole schoool knew i was the freak whos dad touched her 
13 i get bullied for my weight and beeing a whore for being raped 
14 i start cutting it tiney little escapees from reality 
15 i am at high school i made a few friends they know the real me i am moving on finally 
16 i  righting tthis farwell poem good bye forever



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