Dad,Are You Gone???


Did you take your last breath remembering us?

Or did you let your anger from what happened quench  your thirst??

I miss you,you know

is why I am asking.''Dad,are you gone??''

Sometimes I hear your voice through the wind.

And then my ears would linger to listen,and they bend.

Will you be proud of me when new opportunities come my way??

Will you meet me on my trip at the bay??

Dad,did you yet answer the question,Are You Gone??''

Remember when we created memories all the time we would bond?? 

I wish to see you,you know!! Who thought at age 14,I would lose you,and bear pain all those days and nights!!

I even remember the times you healed and kissed my mosquito bites.

Was losing you a phase we go through life?? 

That is why I,your daughter,asking If You Are Gone,or are you actually hiding behind.

Well,if you don't answer my question

At least I know you are in a better place called HEAVEN!!



August 18,1968-June 17,a.k.a.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Some things happen in life happen sudddenly.Some happen to teach us a lesson or to see things clear.In 2012,I lost my father,and to tell you the truth it has not been the same since. Sometimes,I wake up thinking as if,his death was a dream. Still in reality,he is gone.There is not a day that goes by that I don't wish he was still here.What would he tell me? He would say,''Keep living baby girl.You have to keep trying,and don not ever quit.My daughter is a winner.I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! XOXOXOXO''


God bless you! It is hard to lose a love one, but I bet your dad is looking down proud of the little girl who wrote this poem for him and that she still keeps him in her heart. It takes great courage to talk about hope in a troubling time, but your faith will make you well and happy again. Trust in God and keep your faith. Keep writing on my friend.

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