Dad Ain't

Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:04 -- Ava404

I got a black dad.

A black dad who stayed

dont get it twisted.

My dad ain't leavin

My dad ain't broke

My dad ain't drunk or addicted

My daddy true


He worked 2 jobs to support this family

I see him lying on the couch late at night from working

Still in his jeans

Snorin' loud and obnoxious

you know

But exhausted

He still exhausted when he wakes up

But he paints a smile across his face

And he goes to work once more

Because we know he loves us


The kids

3 of us


My brother,

Cunning and sharp,

A vintage camera

Taking phtots to put in a modern art museum


My sister,

Proud and devoted

A golden medal

Working hard and once acomplished

Still workin'



A sunflower

Bright and comfortable

Swaying with life on the wind


But my daddy ain't no metaphor

He's a black man living in 2018 America 

with 3 kids

2 dogs

And a white wife runnin' a buissness


He's got enough shit to worry about

This poem is about: 
My family


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