he says he hasn't had that much

but he'll just use it as a crutch

and spend all day drinking away pretending that it doen't affect us.

but it does

and when we call grandma he'll be drinking it off,

because he knows that she'll cry 

because to her every time is the last time before she dies.

and I know, I know that it's hard becasue his heart's made of glass

and he's had a rough past

but it's no excuse!

because we have too

and it's true that we leaned on other things to keep us afloat, but we should've had you!

but I'm just mad

because I know that you loved us with all that you had.

I'm not being fair, because you were always there, 

but I had too much pride to admit I'd been harsh

and you made us call her every week, even when her pain was at it's peak and thus,

you needed that crutch, because we didn't have much

and Hay and I were so caught in ourselves that you didn't have us.

and we have no excuse,because we should've seen all along that you needed something else to lean on

and it should have been us.

because I know that love is stronger than any drug.

So I hope that you know that we do.

we both love you

with all our hearts.

It just took time and a rhyme to realizethat you've had too much




This is incredibly moving!

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