The Curtains in the Closet

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 17:17 -- BGRAY98


Behind my curtains are something my parents would be displeased with.

My prefrence is something my friends would disagree with.

"You homo, you queer, you fag." these words hurt me

What you dont know is the secret that diverts me

I exploit myself for postive attention 

Thats one thing I forgot to mention.

Soul mate? What does that mean?

Im in love with my religous bestfriend, talk about a decreased self esteem.

Dont get me wrong im religous too 

I wonder if heavens a place I can break into.

Do they accept the queers, fags, and homos in heaven?

What about the people that struggle with depression?

Oh my God if you do, once this life is over I will see you soon.




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