The Curtain of Life

Who is the girl behind the curtain?

I don’t even know her name?

All I have thought of her for years now is profane.

Where is the girl behind the curtain?

Why does she run and hide?

Doesn’t she know she is beautiful inside?

Where is the girl behind the curtain?

The one who was scared to show her face

She said she was hiding because she showed her family disgrace.

I think I see the girl behind the curtain.

Does she think she is just inadequate?

I have told her that it is okay, she can practice abstinence.

There is the girl who was behind the curtain

She has decided to be free

From all the guilt and shame that confined her like a detainee.

Look, there goes the girl who was behind the curtain

And oh it is me?

Oh no, that is something I just can’t believe.

Why did I hide behind the curtain?

Was I scared of the things people would say,

When I finally gained the courage of a lion to act my own way?

Come here girl behind the curtain

We have lost so much time

I have forgotten who you are now; you used to be my partner in crime

Oh no don’t cry girl behind the curtain

Don’t be ashamed and run in fear

I’ll never leave your side again; I promise I’ll always be here


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