All that separates us is a curtain.


The one you’re looking at-

The side made of

Sugary pink fabric-

Is the side I show you.

I decorate it with

Bright lights of hopes,

Colorful goals and greatness,

Even a cheery expression.

But there are rips through the curtain

That let out the other side…


I am on the other side of the curtain.

It’s not so bad over here,

In this shadowy silence.

I never decorated this side,

But I did rip a few holes through

To let in some

Light and air

So I don't sufficate in the gloom.

Sometimes I peek through,

And see the other me

Parading and prancing in the outside world.

Yet I stay here, in the quiet.

In the dark.


Knowing that I can come out one day if I want.


After all,

All that seperates us is a curtain.

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