The curse of time

Time passed by quickly.

The days flew by followed by weeks and months and years;

Some people died and some were born instead,

Some were joyful and other plagued by dread.


Through all those years and decade after decade,

Everything morphed, evolved in something new;

It was just him that never changed his view,

He saw the world in one and only shade.


His eyes, so old and strained around the corners,

Witnessed too many acts of cruelty and hatred;

They saw too much, and kept on looking forward

Until the will to live had, in the end, just faded.


He didn't ask for it: his never ending life,

And didn't wish for someone else to have it;

For, such a curse that pierced him like a knife,

Was far worse than anything imagined.


Time passed by quickly,

But for him it couldn't pass by slower.

He kept on living through many different times,

Just witnessing the end of others' lives,

And knowing that it won't be ever over.

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Our world
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