The Curious Case of The Red Bed

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 01:33 -- Severia

So he got there this morning, saw no one, just her bed. 

Which was curiously red. So he called up the detective,

"Listen here," he said. She's missing, nowhere to be found.

You've got yourself a curious case of the red bed.

-Those nights, she'd been so scared, so scared, but she wanted to see red,

And not just in her head. So she found what she'd read and followed it instead,

Just to get out of her own head. One night on the town while red thoughts bred,

She met a lady who saw her and said, "Oh, you look so pretty in red."

"Oh, I'd thank you but my heart's made of lead."

"Oh, my darling, then wouldn't you be dead?"

"That's what I said, why do you think I'm covered in red?"

-And now she's left with too many words unsaid,

From all the things she fled, she bled.

More than a few times, try a hundred; with that sweet surrender,

Her thoughts it fed. When her skin and steel wed, they couldn't have been more unsuited, 

But she couldn't care less for all the bloodshed.

- And he hung his head low when they solved this case so red, as away she was carted,

Wrapped in sheets that bled dark red.


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