Crystal Tears


TEARS, rolled down our faces as we said bye to our mother

ANGER, seethed from us as someone tried to replace her

LIES, were poured into us that it could be fixed

YEARS passed and we moved on and were reunited

UNTIL the screaming started again and the tears came with it

WE endured the fighting until we made a desperate plea and were taken away

COME to find out it was the drugs again that had got her

BACK to sobriety and back to sanity she climbed

TOGETHER we learned to forgive her for how she had given in and hurt us for "love"

NEVER thought it'd lead to that early morning call

FORGETTING is all she can do since her post-meth stroke

OUR mother hurt us, but she'll always hurt too. One drug, but so much




I know others who relate to this very devastating topic, it is powerful and painfully true. Good Read

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